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Livestock and Meat Competence Centre
Insurance for the livestock and meat industry

At the SCHUNCK GROUP livestock and meat competence centre, insurance experts along with customers develop insurance solutions specifically for the livestock and meat industry.

Tailor-made insurance is available for the following professional groups:

  • Livestock traders
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Cutting plants
  • Butcher's

Members of the cooperation partner DVFB (German livestock and meat association), BVVF (National livestock and meat association), U.E.C.B.V (European Livestock and Meat Trading Union), the German federal meat federation and the German free livestock and meat business consortium receive special conditions.

Between these associations and SCHUNCK there is a unity that puts the well-being of the animals as the top priority. Insurance cover is then only provided if all relevant steps have been taken to protect the animals.  

What are the typical risks for the livestock and meat industry?

The risk spectrum when transporting animals ranges from medical costs resulting from transport accidents to theft and robbery of valuable animals, for example breeding animals. Even in optimally secured special trailers, serious damage can occur in the case of an accident.  

What is a typical claim example for the livestock and meat industry?

Loading and Unloading
During loading and unloading the animals panic and cause damage to property as well as to themselves and others.

Refrigerated transport

During transport the cooling unit breaks down. The mandatory temperature is exceeded and so the receiver refuses the goods. This results in a considerable loss.

In production
During sausage production some metal pieces get into the goods The
Production batch must be recalled and this results in liability and asset damage.

Means of transport
Due to an accident, animals are suffering from severe injuries. 

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

SCHUNCK offers multifaceted insurance solutions for the sector. By means of an individual risk analysis, components can be put together according to need and determined by the risk situation of each business.

Special solutions and components include:

  • Public liability insurance??
  • Buildings insurance
  • Transportation insurance
  • Business content insurance
  • Comprehensive machine insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Debt default insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Animal life insurance
  • Quarantine
  • Illnesses

Your contact person in the Livestock and Meat competence center:

Martin Heisig
+49 421 36902-30