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Fur and Leather Competence Centre
Insurance for the fur and leather industry

At the fur and leather competence centre of the SCHUNCK GROUP, specialist and insurance experts have been analysing the commercial risks for the national and international fur and leather industry for over 60 years and develop specific insurance solutions in cooperation with experts and customers. These are available for fur and leather wholesalers (fur traders, commissioning agents, manufacturers, overseers, travel storage companies, trade fair organisers), the fur and leather retail trade (specialist furrier businesses with work shop connections, textile retail with fur departments and mixed operations) as well as companies dealing with fur and leather.

What are typical claim examples?

In October, a fire breaks out in a fur and leather shop. The damage to goods and equipment amounts to over 100,000 euros. It takes four months to reopen the shop. These are typically the most profitable months (October to January) so the loss of profit is very high. This is what is known as a disruption to operations.

Due to the fire, soot has settled on the neighbouring building. It is determined that the business owner caused the damage due to negligence (a special type of iron was accidentally left on). Therefore he is also responsible for the removal of the soot on the neighbouring building (environmental damage). The cost then moves into the six-figure Euro range.

What solution does the fur and leather competence centre offer?

The universal fur and leather policy of the SCHUNCK GROUP is a modular insurance policy. All risks are summarised in a contract which results in an especially reasonable premium.  Alternatively, modules can be combined as required determined by the individual risks of each fur and leather business.

By determining what are known as indemnity limits, under-insurance in these contexts can be avoided. A fixed premium (without  sales commission) is calculated.

During storage there is insurance protection for:
Fire, break-ins, water damage, theft, robbery, vandalism, storms, hail, natural events;
Debris removal costs are also included in the insurance.

Transport coverage includes all relevant risks when transporting goods by train, post, carrier, delivery service as well as company-owned vehicles and carriers within the EU and Switzerland. This scope can however be individually extended.

The insurance cover can be extended to cover:

  • Company and shop equipment
  • Disruption of operations
  • Liability risks such as operational, environmental and private liability etc.
  • Glazing
  • Electronic systems
  • Luggage (particularly in the case of wholesalers)

Additional insurance solutions:

  • Customer goods (conservation goods, goods for repair)
  • Protection of other goods to be processed (for cleaning, colouring)
  • Travel storage
  • Product liability

Your contact person in Fur and Leather Competence Centre:

Markus Mühlhausen
Phone +49 (0) 69 27 1005-145