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For more than four decades the SCHUNCK GROUP has been one of the leading providers of insurance solutions for national and international furniture transporters and removal companies as well as their customers.

At the moving industry competence centre, specialist and insurance experts continuously analyse the removal and insurance market and develop specific insurance solutions for the removal industry in cooperation with customers.
Internationally, the SCHUNCK GROUP cooperates with worldwide associations FIDI and OMNI as well as with national removal companies Confern, UTS, DMS and DMG.

What are the typical risks for furniture transportation?

Belongings are subjected to numerous risks during the removal process. These begin with dismantling, then packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking and end with reassembling the goods. It's not only the removal goods themselves that can be damaged, but also other people's property such as stairs, walls and floors of the lessor. In the case of international removals, using different means of transport often brings a higher level of risk. Therefore, a container being transported over the sea from Hamburg to Shanghai is subjected to more than 10,000 vibrations and goes through different climate zones.

Due to legal requirements, removal companies are liable for damages that take place during the removal process.

What is a typical claim for furniture transportation?

National removal transportation
A removal company undertakes the entire move of a family. While carrying a five-year old wall mirror on the first floor a removal company employee drops the heavy mirror. As a result, the newly laid flooring is damaged and the mirror is broken. Costs are incurred to change the flooring at up to 520 euros as well as the repair of the mirror for 800 euros. The removal company is liable for the damages because of legal requirements but in terms of the mirror it is only liable for the present value of 300 euros.

The operating liability insurance covers the damage of the flooring in full. The transportation insurance covers the legal current value of the damage to the mirror at 300 euros. If an insurance had been taken out that included original values the people moving could have recovered the full damages.

International removals
A business man is moving from Hamburg to San Francisco for work. During the transportation of the two containers the ship encounters a severe storm in the north Atlantic. One container including his car goes overboard. The second container gets to the business man's house undamaged. As he is not at home the goods are unpacked by the local removal partner. The following night the house is broken into and a home cinema system worth 15,000 euros is stolen.
The value of the car is replaced. The cost of the rental car during his first few days has to be paid for by the person moving as the removal company is not liable for such losses.
The removal company is not liable for the home cinema system as the removal contract had finished when the break in took place.
Both the loss of goods and the theft of the home cinema could have been covered by removal transportation insurance.

What solutions do the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP provides furniture transportation insurance protection determined by their specific business risk situation. For example, there is a specific fine art policy available for art carriers.

SCHUNCK policies in overview:

mover-plus policy - transport liability and transport insurance:
The mover-plus policy ensures the contractual transport liability of removal companies according to legal provisions.  In addition, carrier, freight and storage contracts outside of the moving process are included in the insurance. Insuring extra removal or transportation cover is also possible.

OMNIS policy - transport liability and operational liability insurance:
The OMNIS policy ensures liability risk of a removal carrier in one policy.

mover-web policy - removal insurance:
The policy is particularly used for removal carriers based abroad. Registration of removals insurance takes place online with simultaneous provision of all insurance documents.
A characteristic of the mover-web policy is different cover components that can be chosen according to individual risks.

The IT solution mover-web provides furniture carriers with the possibility to have independent insurance protection for removals

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