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Credit and Factoring Competence Centre
Insurance protection for you finances

In the Credit and Factoring competence centre, the SCHUNCK GROUP finance and insurance experts continuously analyse the current market situation and jurisdiction and develop specific insurance solutions for businesses in all areas in cooperation with experts, customers and insurance companies.

What is a typical risk situation?

Debt losses due to business insolvency and delayed payment of customers does not just endanger the liquidity and profit situation of a business, it quickly threatens its existence.
Examples of unexpected insolvency in recent years include Karstadt/Quelle, Schlecker and Hertie in terms of trading and MAN Roland and Schiesser on the production side as well as large carrier Ricö.
Similarly, many businesses do not have sufficient credit in their in-house banks due to the Basel III banking directive and also have no professional debt management, so the result is a liquidity problem.  In addition, many businesses do not have the guarantee limit necessary for business operations due to Basel III, therefore sometimes orders cannot be carried out.

What solutions does the credit and factoring competence centre offer?

The credit and factoring competence centre reviews existing insurance agreements and creates an individual solution based on a risk assessment that is specifically determined by the needs of the company. The solution combines the best on the market and guarantees optimal security by working with specific national and international credit insurers with very good credit rating.

Factoring as a form of short-term business finance and the specific product: The SCHUNCK CASH factoring policy

Credit insurance for protecting against unexpected debt defaults or delayed payment.

Guarantee insurance as an alternative to bank guarantee

The SCHUNCK GROUP works with international insurance companies that have branches in financial centres in London, Milan and Zurich.

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Jörg Peters
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