IT solutions
Efficient industry without IT support is now unthinkable.

The SCHUNCK GROUP provides specific IT solutions determined by the current industry and customer requirements. IT solutions range from fleet management systems to software for claims settlements or art work management. 

SCHUNCK Fleet manager (SFM) - IT solution for fleet management
The process is made easier by avoiding excess paper work: With SCHUNCK's specially developed SFM, users benefit from efficient fleet management. Clear structures and user-friendly functions enable complete fleet management with just one programme:

  • Fast log-in and log-out of vehicles in the system, including a status overview by means of a constantly updated list of vehicles
  • Convenient tools for appointment management, documentation, cost control, evaluation and communication
  • Interfaces between toll systems and fuel card providers 
  • Precise damage analysis in order to support risk management
  • Integration of all insurance technical data

SKM Web - IT solution for your fleet management Web
Whether it is insurance cover or claims handling, SKM Web covers all the essential functions involved in the management of vehicle insurance. SKM Web provides:
  • Access to all relevant vehicle insurance data
  • Fast log-in and log-out of vehicles in the system, including a status overview by means of a constantly updated list of vehicles
  • Uncomplicated online claim registration for each vehicle with information on the processing status and damage analysis as well as rates, process, policy focus and premiums
  • Simple management of damages under comprehensive insurance in terms of deductibles as well as self-regulated third party damage

PHOENIX - IT solution for claims settlements
Even with the greatest of care damage can never be completely avoided. With PHOENIX, SCHUNCK provides an IT solution whereby transport and haulage liability claims can be registered online and easily managed:

  • Simple creation, management and evaluation of claims
  • Claim analysis of rates, process, policy focus and premium
  • Permanent access to the current status of the claim and payment
  • Fast processing by means of direct input and allocation of a claim number
  • PHOENIX is available in German and English

Zertifikate Web - IT solution for creating insurance certificates
Documentary evidence of existing insurance cover is still important for some transporters. Zertifikate Web provides: 

  • Independent production and forwarding of insurance certificates, regardless of time and place
  • Full overview of all certificates already produced
  • Zertifikate Web is available in German and English

artSecur® - IT solution for artwork
artSecur® provides a secure framework for artwork. This way, collections can be securely managed, especially during transportation to exhibitions or museums.  artSecur® provides: 

  • Systems for managing and cataloguing pieces of art
  • An overview of the complete art collection
  • Simple insurance registration for artwork, exhibitions and transportation with the deposit of a loan agreement
  • artSecur® is available in German, English and French

All SCHUNCK IT solutions are developed and constantly updated by qualified IT experts with many years of industry experience.

We are glad to advise you - competently and independently.