The SCHUNCK consultation approach
With specialist industry insurance consultation makes all the difference. We see expertise, market knowledge and awareness of sector-typical risks as requirements for quality consultation and strong solutions. 

Asking the right questions
We ask questions. Not just to anybody, but to our customers. Only together can we recognise existing risks and find concepts that give the right answers.

The SCHUNCK consultation approach in four steps:

1. Analysis of the risk situation

Taking stock of the risks
  • Interviewing those responsible on-site, including an inspection of the business premises
  • Evaluation and analysis of past problems
  • Assessment of security measures

Target/Actual Comparison

  • Comparison of knowledge gained and the current insurance solutions
  • Creation of a Target/Actual comparison

Conclusive risk assessment by means of three overarching questions

  • How high is the possibility that damage will occur?
  • What is the potential for loss if damage occurs?
  • What measures have been taken so far in order to adequately counteract risks?

2. Creation of an insurance concept

Development of an insurance concept based on the risk analysis. This includes:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing insurance protection in terms of price and performance
  • Consultation and negotiations with those that incur risks
  • Creation of a modified overall concept

3. Implementation and ongoing adapting to the risk situation

The work is not finished with the implementation of a tailor-made concept. In fact, it is only just beginning. Logistics service providers must be flexible in responding to market requirements and new customer demands. Alongside new opportunities, this brings additional risks.

Therefore, the SCHUNCK GROUP is constantly adapting the developed insurance solutions to meet their customers' changing risk situation

  • Regular talks to identify new risks
  • Analysis of all damage resulting in recommendations for action
  • Adjustment of the concept due to changes in the law

4. Competent supervision

The SCHUNCK GROUP values individual and competent supervision. A fixed point of contact, supported by specialist teams from all specialist and insurance fields, comes as standard.

The SCHUNCK consultation process is based on a permanent partnership with customers, proven standards and tailor-made solutions, as well as continuous development of the solutions put in place, in accordance with the changing market.