From 1919 to the present day
For 100 years the SCHUNCK GROUP has been following the tradition of its founder Oskar Schunck and working according to family values: Thinking and acting with long-term responsibility for its customers, colleagues and partners.

Accompany us on the path from 1919 to the present day:

SCHUNCK: A story of success

Today’s SCHUNCK GROUP has been in the family’s ownership since its foundation back in 1919. The company’s eventful history is a reflection of the past century and it set the cornerstone for a successful future. Allow me to guide you through one century of SCHUNCK.

Yours, Albert K. O. Schunck.
Managing Director of OSKAR SCHUNCK GmbH & Co. KG

The founding years
1919:On the 19th June the insurance broker Oskar Schunck and his son Karl O. Schunck found OSKAR SCHUNCK ASSEKURANZ UND HAVERIEKOMMISSARIAT in Berlin.
1923:The first branches open in Königsberg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.
1924:In Berlin, DEUTSCHE ALLGEMEINE VERSICHERUNGS-AG and DEUTSCHE TRANSPORT-ASSEKURANZ AG are established, the management boards of which comprise Oskar Schunck and Karl O. Schunck.
The pre-war era
1936:The limited company is converted into a limited partnership.
1937:Karl O. Schunck manages the company as personally liable shareholder, evolving it into a significant organisation across Europe. He opens branches in Vienna, London, Paris and Bucharest and establishes subsidiary and affiliated companies in Holland, Spain, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
The years of economic recovery
1949:The SCHUNCKHAUS address in Munich becomes the head office, following relocation from Berlin. A SCHUNCKHAUS office is also established in Hamburg..
1969:On the 10th August Karl O. Schunck passes away. Horst O. A. Schunck becomes the third generation personally liable shareholder.
1971:The “UMVS” UNIVERSAL-MÖBEL-VERSICHERUNGSSCHEIN (universal furniture insurance certificate) becomes available for the first time.
75 years of SCHUNCK
1989:Further subsidiary companies are founded abroad: OSKAR SCHUNCK FRANCE S.A.R.L., Courtier d’Assurancesin Annecy, France (1989), OSKAR SCHUNCK Assekuranz- Makler Ges.m.b.H. in Innsbruck, Austria (1989), and OSKAR SCHUNCK España, Correduría de Seguros Gandía (Valencia), Spain (1989).
1994:OSKAR SCHUNCK KG celebrates the 75th anniversary of its foundation. Shortly before the deregulation of the insurance market, OSKAR SCHUNCK KG presents a new, innovative insurance model for hauliers - the UNIVERSAL POLICY.
The turn of the century
1996:OSKAR SCHUNCK KG reacts to the planned revision of the transport law.
Prior to the submission of the commission’s final report, OSKAR SCHUNCK KG enters into negotiations with the central associations of the haulage and shipping sectors regarding a new insurance solution.
2000:On the 28th November the Transport, Spedition & Logistik Deutschland e.V pension scheme is established.
2001:Foundation and launch of claimSECUR® GmbH.
The route to stock company
2004:The process of restructuring OSKAR SCHUNCK KG to form an AG & Co. KG commences. The personally liable shareholder Horst O. A. Schunck relinquishes his post as managing director.
2006:On the 1st January the limited partnership OSKAR SCHUNCK becomes a stock company or AG & Co. KG. With this restructuring process, the personally liable shareholder is replaced by a stock company that has been in existence since 1991, although the shares continue to remain in the hands of the family and in proprietorship of the previous shareholders.
The logistics policy is born
2006:On the 18th January 2006 the stock company’s first annual general meeting is held. Mr Horst O. A. Schunck is appointed chairman of the supervisory board.
In March the logistics T&Cs initiated by OSKAR SCHUNCK GmbH & Co. KG are presented to the market. The SCHUNCK GROUP offers the ideal insurance protection for this risk potential: The SCHUNCK logistics policy.
Further business fields are developed
2008:In order to protect the risk of a bad debt loss, the SCHUNCK GROUP works with one of the largest European credit insurers to develop a new special credit insurance product for hauliers and freight carriers: The CredLog policy – “credit insurance for logistics”.
2009:GGV SCHUNCKS GMBH changes its name to SCHUNCK GROUP Austria GmbH.
Partners in logistics
2010:The DSLV insurance office is established together with the SCHUNCK GROUP and stands at the side of association members ready to provide independent assistance in relation to all insurance matters.
2011:The two most important business divisions of “industry” and “transport/logistics” are further strengthened through the newly initiated regionalisation.
The path into the future
2012:Horst O.A. Schunck, chairman of the supervisory board, celebrates his 80th birthday.

Under his leadership, the paternal company has developed over the last 40 years into an internationally active organisation and one of the largest German insurance brokers for the logistics sector and industry.
Family tradition in its fourth generation
2014:With effect of 10 October 2014 Albert K.O. Schunck left the Supervisory Board to join the Management Board and, as a partner and family member, has assumed operational responsibility for the SCHUNCK GROUP. He is therefore the 4th generation to manage the company..
One hundred years of SCHUNCK
The SCHUNCK GROUP would like to thank all of our loyal customers, cooperative and service partners for their trust and loyalty. And we would also like to extend these sincere thanks to our employees, whose dedication and efforts have made the SCHUNCK GROUP’s many years of success possible!