Competence Center artSecur®
Competence Center artSecur®
International Fine Art Insurance Broker

Since 1998, the SCHUNCK GROUP has been an active international and independent insurance broker for the art world. In order to cater for the insurance needs of the art world, the SCHUNCK GROUP runs the Competence Centre artSecur® with its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany and a representative in Geneva,Switzerland.

Numerous experts work in close cooperation with customers and world's leading art insurance companies to implement insurance solutions for art transportation, museums, private collectors, corporate collections, art galleries and auction houses.

The  artSecur® Portal

artSecur® provides specific software for managing inventory lists, loan agreements, uploading photos, expertise, management of complete exhibitions with all loan agreements for museums and private lenders..

SCHUNCK IT solutions

What does the art world's typical risk situation look like? 

In particular, valuable works of art are exposed to enormous risks through exhibiting, storage and transporting and must be protected against this.  Even the smallest damage has catastrophic consequences and a complete loss would frequently be unaffordable. 

What solutions does artSecur® provide?

The SCHUNCK GROUP the art world tailor-made insurance cover for business specific risks. This includes: 

  • General and registering policies for art transportation, including art storage, art transport and exhibiting 
  • Museum policies, including its own inventory (collections), loans, borrowing (loan agreements), temporary exhibitions (bids), transport
  • Art policies for private art collectors, including the collector's home, both nationally and internationally (by request, including valuable household items, clocks and jewellery)
  • Art policies for corporate collections, including exhibitions in the firm's premises, storage and loaning
  • Policies for art galleries, including exhibition in the gallery, storage, transportation, exhibitions at art fairs, stays with customers for sale or return (by request with operational liability, and much more)
  • Policies for auction houses, determined by all activities of the auction house (transport, stays, particulars)
Your contact  persons in artSecur®:
Ines Gutmann - Director
Telefon +49 761 31902-59
Dagmar Wienands - Account Manager
Phone +49 761 31902-38
  Marion Bürgelin - Account Manager
Phone +49 761 31902-52